3 Top Qualities of Baby Jewelry


If you strictly supply jewellery pieces to grown-ups alone, then you are missing out on the fast-growing baby beauty-products market. Thanks to virtual media, kids have a better sense of style today than they did a few years ago. Moreover, parents are dissatisfied with the options available for their kids. If you want to expand your clientele base, then you can start supplying kid's jewellery to clients. However, you must understand that kids' jewellery is not your ordinary beauty product.

23 September 2019

LED Lights | 3 Nifty Tactics To Bring Down Your Lighting Bills


Energy bills in Australia are skyrocketing, so it's natural for you to feel worried about paying these exorbitant prices when there's a better solution around the corner. Switching to LED lights is a prudent choice because they are between 4 and 7 times more efficient than traditional halogen or incandescent lights. But apart from switching to LED lighting, you could also follow these nifty tactics to bring down your overall lighting bills.

13 July 2016

Bold And Beautiful | 3 Engagement Ring Buying Strategies For Your Bride-To-Be


So you've finally decided to take the plunge with your partner? Congratulations! Now you just need the right ring to complement your much anticipated proposal. But choosing a ring for your partner at the diamond jewellers is not a simple task because you need to find something that perfectly resonates with her personality. If you're getting hitched, here are some engagement ring buying strategies for your bride-to-be.   An Engagement Band Finish To Complement Her Personality

26 May 2016