3 Top Qualities of Baby Jewelry


If you strictly supply jewellery pieces to grown-ups alone, then you are missing out on the fast-growing baby beauty-products market. Thanks to virtual media, kids have a better sense of style today than they did a few years ago. Moreover, parents are dissatisfied with the options available for their kids. If you want to expand your clientele base, then you can start supplying kid's jewellery to clients. However, you must understand that kids' jewellery is not your ordinary beauty product. Most importantly, you must be cautious with what you are selling to clients to break market entry barriers. Here are qualities you should look out for in quality kids' jewellery.

Stable Handheld Piercing Gun -- Any adult that was ear-pierced using a piercing gun will attest to some level of fear right before the trigger is pulled. Despite the anxiety, the stability of the piercing gun ensures a clean pierce. Unfortunately, most piercing clinics argue that needles are the best option for babies as opposed to piercing guns. The clinics base their arguments on the fact that positioning a baby's ear lobe on the gun is usually the problem. Therefore, the clinics use needles to prevent possible injuries. However, nothing could be further from the truth because needles pose a significant danger to babies. As babies wiggle and throw their hands about, they can hit the needles and tear their delicate skin. A piercing gun, on the other hand, is stable and quick enough to leave room for mistakes.  

Implant-Grade Titanium Earrings -- The baby's defence system is at its weakest during the first few months. For instance, it is during this period that babies are prone to allergic reactions, mostly due to their sensitive skin. Notably, implant grade titanium earrings are neutral and do not interfere with a baby's defence system. If customers know that your jewellery is made from medically approved material, there is no doubt your products will sell fast.

Medical-Grade Plastic Backing -- At some point in your business, you must have heard people saying that earring stoppers are challenging to deal with. It is especially the case when the stoppers get lose since it increases the chance of losing the earrings. For this reason, baby earrings need stoppers that stay in place even if they tug on them frequently. Stoppers made from a medical-grade plastic backing ensure that the studs stay in place. Consequently, they reduce the risk of losing earrings.

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23 September 2019

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