LED Lights | 3 Nifty Tactics To Bring Down Your Lighting Bills


Energy bills in Australia are skyrocketing, so it's natural for you to feel worried about paying these exorbitant prices when there's a better solution around the corner. Switching to LED lights is a prudent choice because they are between 4 and 7 times more efficient than traditional halogen or incandescent lights. But apart from switching to LED lighting, you could also follow these nifty tactics to bring down your overall lighting bills.

Use Lights With Occupancy Sensors

LED lights with occupancy sensors are effective for reducing the costs associated with lighting because they only turn on when someone is in the room and turn off when the person leaves. LED lights with occupancy sensors use infrared and ultrasonic technology to detect movement, body heat and frequency shifts within a particular space. Placing these types of LED lights in your rooms will save you a significant chunk of money because they remain in use only when someone is in it. So if you inadvertently forget to turn off your lights, you don't have to worry about higher energy bills. LED lights with occupancy sensors are ideal for high-traffic spaces like kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms in your home.

Invite Natural Daylight Into Your Home As Much As Possible

Despite the high energy efficiency of LED lights, leaving them on throughout is still going to cost you. Turning your lights off and inviting natural daylight into your home is perhaps the most cost-effective way to bring down your energy bills, while infusing brightness and cheeriness into your living space. Creating a space where you can maximise natural daylight will ensure that you use artificial lighting as minimally as possible. Not only will you save electricity costs by turning lights off, but you will also reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint dramatically.

Use Light Controls Effectively

LED light control panels are effective for controlling the amount of light you need in your room. For instance, if you need to dim the lights in a space for a particular task, then you don't have to pay the cost of bright lights in your home when you use light control panels effectively. A light control panel can also control a group of lights by turning some of them off when you require, so all the lights within a particular group don't have to stay on at all times. This will greatly reduce your energy consumption because you end up using only the lights you need within a particular group.

Apart from switching to LED lights, follow these nifty tactics to bring down the cost of your lighting bills.


13 July 2016

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