Bold And Beautiful | 3 Engagement Ring Buying Strategies For Your Bride-To-Be


So you've finally decided to take the plunge with your partner? Congratulations! Now you just need the right ring to complement your much anticipated proposal. But choosing a ring for your partner at the diamond jewellers is not a simple task because you need to find something that perfectly resonates with her personality. If you're getting hitched, here are some engagement ring buying strategies for your bride-to-be.  

An Engagement Band Finish To Complement Her Personality

Before visiting the diamond jewellers, you need to consider the finish of the engagement ring band you want to buy. Typically, you can choose between platinum, yellow gold, white gold and silver. The finish you want will depend on your bride-to-be's personality. For instance, if your bride has classic taste, then platinum and yellow gold bands would suit her personality perfectly. If she has modern taste, then white gold, silver and platinum are ideal choices for her.

A Stone Cut That Reflects Her Taste

Since most diamond jewellers offer you a multitude of choices when it comes to stone cuts, you will need to narrow down to your final decision based on your bride-to-be's taste. Does she usually wear flashy jewellery or does she prefer minimalistic pieces? If she likes flashy pieces of jewellery, then round, princess or cushion cut solitaires are ideal for getting her what she wants. If she likes simple appeal, then sleeker diamond rings with oval stone cuts are ideal choices for her. Instead of solitaires, some women like the idea of pave set diamonds because the small diamonds are set together beautifully for minimalist appeal. Once you establish her personal taste, you will find it easier to settle on a specific stone cut at the diamond jewellers.

A Stone Setting That Brings Out Her Character

The stone setting you choose should also depend on your partner's character and personal style. A prong setting with metal claws is a classic choice that is ideal for traditional princess or round engagement rings. If your bride wants to show off the beauty of her stone, then this is a good setting to choose.  A bezel setting encircles the diamond securely and is the perfect choice for your partner who's always on the move. A channel setting secures small diamonds into the in band to form a channel of sparkling stones. It is ideal for brides who don't want large diamonds, but are content with pave diamond finishes.

Follow these engagement ring buying strategies for your bride-to-be at the diamond jewellers.


26 May 2016

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