Three Important Considerations for Cowhide Rug Selection

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If you are performing home improvement tasks in your interior space, you should consider purchasing cowhide rugs. These are ideal for enhancing the decoration of your residential floors and improving comfort. They have a unique classic look which can blend into your traditional or contemporary home. Moreover, cowhide rugs are generally long-lasting, and their resistance to staining makes them easier to maintain. There are numerous cowhide rug products in the market to consider for your home, so identifying the right fit might be challenging. Here are the most critical factors to help you select the most suitable and appealing cowhide rug.

Colour and Pattern

The colour or pattern of the cowhide rug will determine its aesthetic value and its ability to blend into your space. Therefore, you should request for a catalogue of the available options from your supplier and compare with your décor. Spotted cowhides have a traditional look, and they are often available in a mixture of earthy colours. The speckled alternative has dappling pattern which can complement a more modern setting and still lend a classic air. Brindle can be used in any setting because the tawny colour is subtle and the additional streaks serve to improve visual interest. For a more interesting look, consider choosing patchwork cowhide that uses different natural patterns pieced together. You can also choose dyed cowhide to match personal colour and pattern preferences.

Cowhide Shape

You should consider the shape of the cowhide rug before purchase because this factor will determine the appeal and fitting factors. Generally, it is advisable to choose a product that has a natural shape for a more authentic feel. This type of rug is usually a one-piece item without significant modifications. Unfortunately, the size of a one-piece cowhide will be determined by the animal from which it was obtained. This means that the rugs in the market are often large and might not be suitable for your smaller spaces. You will get a wider variety of shapes and sizes with modified cowhide rugs. Some are cut to create a more basic shape while pieced rugs can conform to almost any shape and size.

Scarring and Odour

Finally, check for scarring on the pertinent cowhide rug before purchase. Markings usually reduce the value of the product, and strange scarring can indicate that the animal might have been in an abusive environment. It is also important to evaluate the rugs odour to avoid contaminating your indoor air. Also, avoid rugs with unfavourable raw or chemical smells that could promote allergic reactions.


3 May 2016

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